About Me

Hey, I’m Graham. I’m an urbanist, transportation and mobility justice advocate, community planning student, writer, graphic designer, amateur guitarist, maps guru, communicator, and organizer. Thanks for reading my bio!

I grew up in both Baltimore, MD, and Durban, South Africa. I’ve made past homes in Washington D.C., Little Rock, Arkansas, Independence, Iowa, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. These days, I’m based in New York City.

I live in Brooklyn but Queens might be my favorite borough. (Let’s build the QueensLink and the IBX and connect the G with the JMZ!) I graduated with bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard University in 2019. In August 2024, I will begin a Masters of Community and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You can find my full resume here.

In towns of 5,000 and cities of 8 million, I’ve witnessed the failure of the North American suburban, car-first development model. I work to dismantle that model, and allow places to unlock the power of mobility options, street culture, human connection, and a healthier way of life.

As a political organizer in rural towns, I learned to appreciate sidewalks and plazas as democratic infrastructure that’s indispensable from a peaceful and functioning society. And in cities, I’ve witnessed what transpires when the powerful retreat behind gated estates and conspire to cut public infrastructure from transit to trash collection. The stakes are high. The climate emergency is here, at a moment when democracy is under threat. We can make this planet livable for humans and the plant and animal kingdoms alike. It starts with denser cities and towns, more peacefully integrated with their natural surrounds. 

Better ways of creating our communities are in reach. Reach out, and let’s build together.

Be well and spread love,